Racconti:  An English Tale: Bob, Eddy and the mystery of the swamp.  

Francesco e Lorenzo, due nostri redattori di terza, si sono cimentati questa volta con un racconto "misterioso" in Lingua Inglese.
Vi invitiamo a leggerlo con attenzione...

A haunted houseBob, Eddy and the mystery of the swamp.

Once upon a time there were two boys, called Bob and Eddy.
They went to their Grandma’s house in the middle of a big wood on holiday.
One day they were playing football near the wood and Bob kicked the ball down the valley.

Eddy: - Oh no! The ball is rolling into the river!
Bob : - Quickly ! We must catch it!
The two boys ran down the valley and saw the ball so far.

Eddy: - Wait, Bob! It is nearly evening and it’s better to come back home.
Bob: - No! I want to catch it! 
It was already evening and the two boys, following the river arrived in a swampy zone.
Suddenly a storm started. Bob and Eddy, frightened, advanced slowly in the swamp.
They saw a haunted house made of wood.
Eddy : - Let’s go to that house.
In the meanwhile, grandma was desperate.
Grandma: – Where are my dear grandchildren?
The two boys entered the house and explored it: there were two floors.
At the first floor there was a bedroom and a toilet.
Then, Bob and Eddy explored the cellar and saw a trapdoor.
Eddy : - What’s there?
Bob : - I don’t know. Let’s go!
The two boys opened the trapdoor went down the spiral stairs and discovered a mysterious laboratory. 
There were a lot of books, notes and some cages with scared animals inside: there was a vampire–bat, a big black spider, a cat that barked, a green long snake and in the biggest cage, a dog hell. 
Eddy : - Bob, let’s run away! 
But someone was already going down the spiral stairs. He was a tall man, with a long, grey beard.
Bob and Eddy, frightened, hid themselves under the desk.
The man entered the laboratory, saw the dog snarling furiously towards the desk and asked:
- What is it Fufy?
Bob sneezed and the man shouted:
– Ehi! Who is there under the desk?
The man opened Fufy’s cage and the big dog ran out.
Bob and Eddy, frightened, ran towards the spiral stairs followed by the scared dog.
They got up the stairs and continued running.
The two boys went out the house and ran in the swamp.
The dog, behind them, began to trasform at the moonlight. He became a werewolf. The two boys fell in panic. Suddenly they arrived in a blind alley.
The last thing they heard was the terrible howl of the wolf.
Bob and Eddy’s destiny is unknown still today, but it’s sure that they have never come back home.

Francesco Tacchino and Lorenzo Duso

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